We are proud to announce the successful handing over of our prestigious hotel project, being the new 212 bedroom YOTEL Hotel, in the heart of London.
After the success of their New York hotel situated at Times Square, and other sites around the Globe, being: Singapore, Dubai, Amsterdam, Geneva, San Francisco, the group decided to open the London Hotel.
They entrusted D&I to deliver the sought after high-quality finishes. One feature being the entrance lobby floor, which is a ceramic tile with a detailed design, polished brass formable curved trims with hand-cut curved expansion joints, which proved to be tedious and labour intensive, all being perfected with special care and attention by our highly skilled craftsman.
D&I was responsible for the Ceramic tiling and Decorating packages throughout the 10 floors, The program was extremely tight, and when time is precious, the pressures mount! D&I staff and management kept their cool and focus, working extremely well under pressure. I am extremely proud of all my D&I staff, who delivered a quality product, On time and On budget, resulting in an ecstatic client!
This is one project to be proud of, thank you to all that raised our company name up high. To all management and delivery staff both in the office and on site, you do us proud.
Our food for thought – “Programme too tight, site management too demanding? too much pressure? Diamonds are created under pressure”
I’m proud to say, we have been entrusted once again and have started the next exciting project for our client, thanks to all that have made this success possible.